Mechanical Testing, Chemical Testing, Metallurgical Testings, Coating Thickness Facilities, Salt Spray Testing, NDT Testings, PMI Testings, Calibration Facility.
The strength of the group lies in its dedicated, multi-discipline professionals like Scientists, Analysts and Engineers, expert and experienced governing board, innovative management and ultra-modern labs equipped with the most sophisticated equipments/instruments. Spectra’s culture is grounded in integrity and respect. This means upholding the highest standards of ethical business culture. This reputation for adhering to these standards has created a faith in its customers and helped in maintaining an unbreakable bond with clients, and the number is ever-increasing. In the next decade it has ambitious plans of becoming the largest player in the testing sector in India. It has plans to explore into services in the field of Geo-technical exploration, Welding, Clean Development Mechanism, Mining, Environment etc.
Research and Development
In order to fabricate components according to current industrial requirement, we have expert research and development personnel. Therefore, they are an integral part of our organization. The unit is installed with all the required amenities to extensively scrutinize market details and put forward suggestions to different departments so that they can make innovative creations. These unit works in integration with different departments thus allowing us to manufacture latest engineering components.
Our unit constantly strives towards improving the quality of our testing machines. We aim to improve the performance and quality of our products; hence to we carry out comprehensive analysis on various fronts to come up with the best product.
Our Team
Operating on the core values of reliability & efficiency, we aim to build long-term customer relationships & improve the quality of our products, to create a profitable organization, which is professional in its dealings & is a source of pride for employees.
We emphasise on organizing our talents into focused set of technological capabilities, giving us the unique ability to apply appropriate combinations of capabilities to provide multi-disciplinary solutions for our clients. We believe in delivering innovative solutions & offering unique insights to our clients in their businesses. Apart from this, due to our in-depth knowledge & wide networking, we manufacture products to fulfill customized requirements.
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